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Core Business is modeling for drug delivery systems, diabetes, and SAAM II

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Simone Perazzolo, PhD
President, Owner, and Founder

BIO: Simone is a skilled scientist and entrepreneur in the field of modeling and simulation in biotechnology. With a background in engineering and pharmacology, he started up Nanomath LLC in 2019 with the aim to support drug delivery and diabetes technology programs. Simone has a track record with numerous publications in modeling complex delivery systems and nutrients. Notably, he is the inventor of the whole-body lymphatic system PBPK model. He is affiliated with the Dept of Pharmaceutics at the University of Washington in Seattle.

Throughout his career, Simone has benefited from the mentorship of renowned compartmental modelers, including Claudio Cobelli, and esteemed pharmacologists, such as Danny Shen and Rodney Ho. 

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