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Core Business is modeling for drug delivery systems, diabetes, and SAAM II

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Simone Perazzolo, PhD
President, Owner, and Founder

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Simone stands at the forefront of innovation in life sciences as an esteemed scientist and entrepreneur, specializing in modeling and simulation. His work has earned him the prestigious Outstanding Scientist Award from the Elsevier Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences in 2022, marking his significant contributions to the fields of PK/PD, PBPK, and QSP modeling. With a robust background in both engineering and pharmacology, Simone founded Nanomath LLC in 2019, aiming to support drug delivery systems and diabetes technology solutions. He also serves as an affiliated research faculty in the Department of Pharmaceutics at the University of Washington in Seattle.

Simone's career has been richly shaped by the guidance of leading figures in compartmental modeling and pharmacology, including mentors like Claudio Cobelli, Paolo Vicini, Danny Shen, and Rodney Ho.

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