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Simulation Analysis and Modeling II Software

A key program in your daily scientific activities. Considered by many as their preferred tool for easy compartmental modeling, model prototyping, complex kinetics, tracer kinetics, easy PD integration, multiple data fitting, and population analysis


One of the easiest and most intuitive software for dynamic modeling ever created. Gifted with a yet unmatched user interface and powerful algorithms, SAAM II has been helping scientists and managers to model their systems or products. PK, PD, popPK, tracers, and glucose are just a few applications where SAAM II made a difference. You can design and test complex structures and nonlinear kinetics as well as simulate and fit your data, all in a matter of hours. Similar programs can take weeks to just design the models.   

More than 200 companies, universities and gov agencies have chosen SAAM II. wiki

What they say about SAAM II...

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