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PopKinetics Add-on (2 stages Approach) now is included in the license price!

Important Notice for SAAM II Users who Purchased from The Epsilon Group


Effective January 2022, The Epsilon Group (Charlottesville, VA - TEG) has officially terminated the distribution, installation, use, and support of SAAM II (version 2.3.2) and/or PopKinetics. As a result, TEG users may encounter disruptions in SAAM II services on their machines.


Since 2022, NANOMATH LLC has become the licensor of SAAM II and PopKinetics. In order to avoid inconveniencing TEG users who possess older versions of SAAM II, we are pleased to announce that we can offer complimentary short-term licenses for the newer software version, SAAM II (version 2.3.3), which is distributed by NANOMATH LLC. These licenses will remain valid until December 31, 2023. After this date, you will have the option to purchase a new license from NANOMATH LLC to continue using SAAM II (version 2.3.3) and any subsequent versions that may be released. The prices for these licenses will be based on the purchase order issued by NANOMATH LLC, effective from January 1, 2024.

To request a courtesy license as an existing TEG user, kindly complete the form above and include as much information as you can in the description box (such as the date of purchase, codes received, email used or company)

Thank you, NANOMATH LLC Staff

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