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Biosensor Calibrations

Continuous Analyte Monitoring 

We are experts in biosensor calibrations needing kinetic modeling enhancements.

> Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) is projected to increase in adoption and sales. There are different technologies to read glucose, but all CGMs indirectly measure blood glucose by sampling the skin interstitial glucose which is a distorted version of the actual blood glucose. In the artificial pancreas systems, hypo alarms, and decent insulin controls, all CGM must read the glucose as accurately as possible. So, CGMs need calibrations that account for  glucose kinetic algorithms, preprocessing for noise, and other sophistications to achieve standard MARD<10%


> Continuous Metabolites Monitors, like ketones and lactate, are gaining popularity to control metabolic diseases like diabetes or bedside to alert for health deterioration. As for CGM, these sensors need kinetic corrections and noise adjustment to represent an accurate reading 

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