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Minimal Oral Analysis

Minimal Models are insulin-glucose kinetic models that - following a glucose/mixed test meals - allow the estimation of:

  1. Insulin sensitivity

  2. β-cell responsivity

  3. Hepatic insulin extraction

We have (SAAM II) models to easily analyze your participant glucose tests. 


Insulin and glucose responses to a meal can diagnose you as diabetic (T2/T1) or alert you that you are trending to become one. Doctors screen diabetic progressions through an Oral Glucose Tolerance Test in the clinic (OGTT).  

There were developed a series of kinetic and physiological models of the glucose-insulin system to represent an OGTT which were based on measurements of glucose, insulin, and c-pep. These models are the Minimal Models (Cobelli et al.) - MM. MM results can now be done by 7 points in a 2-hour test (vs. 9 points 3-hour test, Galderisi et al.)

It has been demonstrated a potential superiority of these Minimal Models compared to typical metrics to assess diabetes progression. Ongoing studies will be carried out in larger and more variable populations to establish the Minimal Models as a new standard analysis.

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